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Customer Satisfaction Survey

A customer satisfaction survey is a powerful marketing tool that helps you understand what your customers think of your products/services or customer service. Using this online customer satisfaction survey form, you can anonymously collect customer feedback, store it, and analyze the results. You can customize the form style and questions to suit your needs. You can share a link to the form or embed it on your website.

Use this template

Fields and controls

  • A logo is added using an Image control.
  • A Grid containing the logo, the form header, and the description has bg-primary CSS class which colors background in the primary color of the theme.
  • Questions are added using a Likert Scale control and highlighted with bg-primary CSS class. Modify questions and answers in the control properties.


  • In the fd.rendered() handler, bg-primary is added to all questions in the Likert Scale control to apply background from the current theme.


  • The primary button font-weight is set to 700.
  • The size of h1 and h6 is defined in the CSS-editor.
  • The color of all headers and labels is set to white.