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Customer Feedback Form

This form is designed to gather customer feedback with the use of Likert Scale control. It also has some additional scripting to get as much information as possible in case of negative feedback. If any of the categories receive Poor or Very Poor rating, an additional field shows up to get a comment from the customer on why the service was dissatisfying.

The form also automatically calculates overall impression, judging by all the answers, but this rating can be manually changed by the client. There is also an additional field for future improvements which shows if the overall rating is not Superb.

Of course, this is just an example to show you the possible use of Likert Scale control which you can customize according to your needs.

Simply download the form, import it into the designer as a Plumsail Form, and use it with our MS Flow connector to gather input from anonymous users.

Don’t forget to add a Captcha – this will help prevent Spam submissions!