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Cleaning Service Evaluation Form

Use this customizable cleaning feedback form template to let customers assess your janitorial services. Collect feedback to improve your cleaning services and go above customer expectations. Embed the cleaning assessment form template into your cleaning service site or share it via link by email after providing the service. Start using this form today to maintain a spotless reputation and ensure customer satisfaction.

Use this template

Structure and logic of the form

  • The Phone field accept only digits to prevent input errors. It's done with Masked Text field type.

  • For more accurate feedback, customers can rate cleaning services performed within the past two weeks. For this, we limited the date range available in the calendar to the past two weeks.

  • Customers share their impressions of the cleaning service using the Likert Scale. The control allows you to collect structured and comprehensive data, making analysis straightforward. Use the Likert scale in marketing and customer service to assess customer satisfaction and gather feedback on various aspects.