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360° Appraisal Form

A 360-degree appraisal form is a form that will help you to conduct an evaluation survey of employees and get a picture of how they perceive their colleagues and the organization. The form asks for the employee's name and includes a list of questions about their performance and communication skills. You can easily customize the form content, form styling, and change the questions list. All collected data will be stored in your Plumsail account and can be easily retrieved and analyzed.

Use this template

Fields and controls

  • The title of the form has bg-primary CSS class which sets the background to the primary color of the theme.
  • The EmployeeName field is required.
  • Questions are added using a Likert Scale control. Modify questions and answers in the control properties.


  • Styles for h1 and h4 elements are defined in the CSS editor.
  • The primary button's font-weight is set to 500 via Style property.