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Squarespace Integration


Do you have a Squarespace website? If so, check out how easy it is to add a public web form to your site with our Forms product.

The form can be as complex as necessary – it can have Tabs or Accordions to divide it into parts, use DataTable control to allow users fill-in a table, include an Attachments field, protect form from unwanted submissions with reCaptcha, and use advance JavaScript validation.

All form submissions are handled by MS Flow, you just need to subscribe to submissions of a particular form with our Flow connector. The example form on this page does not handle submissions in any way, so you can test any inputs and see how the form may look on your site.

Adding a form to the site

How to add a form to your site? This can be done by following these steps:

  1. Register an account and install the designer – you can find more information on installation here.

  2. Design the form – design your own form by following our tutorial.

  3. Publish the form to the site – first, copy the widget.

  4. Add an Embed block to any of the site pages:

  5. Expand the codeblock:

  6. And insert the widget inside:


    We also recommend to check out our How-to documentation in order to find out how to handle submissions in MS Flow to collect the data from the forms.

The result