Plumsail Forms for SharePoint 2019 (on-premises)

The trial period of Plumsail Forms will expire in 30 days. Attention: after a 30 days’ period you will have to buy a license or remove the solution from your farm, otherwise all forms created during the trial period will stop working.

By downloading, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the License Agreement


  1. Download an installer of Plumsail Forms for SharePoint 2019. Alternatively, you can download a WSP-package
  2. Run the installer on a SharePoint server as administrator and follow the wizard steps. Please note that you must have farm administrator permissions. If you are installing the solution from WSP-package, run the command below in SharePoint Management Shell as administrator:
    Add-SPSolution <path to wsp-package>
  3. Make sure that Plumsail Forms feature is activated at the site collection level of the target site: Activate Plumsail Forms feature at the site collection level
  4. Create an App Catalog for the target web application: go to Central Administration → Apps → Manage App Catalog: Create App Catalog for a SharePoint web application
  5. Start designer from the ribbon and follow instructions to complete the installation: Start Plumsail Forms from the SharePoint ribbon