GDPR compliance

We at Plumsail are committed to creating highly secure solutions for our customers. That’s why Plumsail Org Chart for SharePoint Online is GDPR compliant.

All the data processed in the application is protected from unauthorized access from our side.

How does it work?

The design of Plumsail Org Chart prevents any personal data transfer to our servers. The application is completely client-side, which means that all the information exchange happens strictly between end-users desktop and their SharePoint tenant without passing through our servers.

The data can be collected and stored only locally on users’ devices. It is useful for cashing and helps to improve performance. Customers are the only ones who can control local storage work in the browser and disable or clean it at any wished time.

To learn more about Plumsail Org Chart for Microsoft 365 privacy policy, please, read the section Org Chart for Microsoft 365 Privacy Policy.