Smart automatic support requests assignment for a ticketing system

Plumsail HelpDesk has an action in triggers that allows smart and flexible tickets assignment.

Let’s check the following three scenarios.

Tag-based (Skill-based) ticket assignment

It is as an intelligent skill-based ticket assignment algorithm that allows assigning tickets to a correct person.

Let’s check the steps to implement this scenario.

  1. Assign tags to the agents in the HelpDesk Contacts list.

Agents tags

  1. Since the skill-based action compares the agent’s tags with the ticket’s tags, we first need to add tags to a ticket when it is created in the HelpDesk.

To achieve this, we add triggers that assign tags to a ticket based on the ticket title and first comment.

An example of such a trigger is shown below. It checks if there is a word ‘Printer’ in the ticket title or first comment and assigns the tag ‘Printers’ to the ticket.

Classify trigger


Use Regex expressions in the triggers conditions to make the tags classification even more flexible.

For example, [Ticket.Title] matches '(?mi)( |^)Network'.

  1. Once the tickets’ tags are added to the new tickets another trigger Ticket assignment is started.

Tags ticket assignment

This trigger starts on every ticket comment if:

  • The ticket is unassigned

  • The ticket is assigned but the assignee is disabled.

Then it follows the logic:

  • Checks if any of the agents have tags matching the current ticket’s tags.

  • If there are agents like this it assigns tickets to them evenly or according to the percentage weight (if the Uneven feature is active).

  • If there are no agents with matching tags it takes all agents and assigns tickets evenly or according to percentage weight (if the Uneven feature is active).

To sum up these steps: The first trigger assigns tags to a new ticket, then the second trigger finds an agent with the same tag (skill) and assigns the ticket to that person.

Automatically evenly assign tickets to agents

This type of tickets distribution is also known as Round robin: when incoming tickets are distributed among team members in a balanced and systematic manner.

To achieve this type of ticket distribution we’ll use this trigger.

Even ticket assignment

In that case, Tag-based and Uneven features are disabled. Tickets are distributed evenly among all agents with Active toggle turned on. If an agent from the triggers’ Agents list has the Active toggle disabled, it just reassigns the ticket to another active agent.

Active toggle


If the Tag-based feature is active the trigger firstly try to distribute the tickets evenly among the agents with matching tags.

Assign tickets based on weights

To arrange an uneven ticket assignment activate the Uneven feature in the Ticket assignment trigger.

By default it sets the weights evenly for each agent. For example, if there are 3 agents, each of them gets 33%.

Active toggle

Set weight for each agent from the Agents list. For example, you can set 50% of all tickets to the first agent and 25% tickets for others.

Active toggle


If you also activate the Tag-based feature, the action will distribute the tickets among the agents with matching skills and consider their percentage weights.