Scheduling of tasks and reminders

Scheduler allows you to set up different actions on unsolved tickets which have been changed during last 30 days.

Navigate to the Settings page using the left navbar.

Here is the pre-defined scheduler task in HelpDesk:

Overdue notification task

It is a task which will notify assignees about overdue tickets every morning. Let’s open this task and see what’s inside.

Task condition

Task’s form fields:

Task name

Provide a title for a task.


Provide some information about this task.

Below we see three tabs: schedule, task, and logs.

On the schedule tab, you choose the period of time when a notification is performed.

Schedule tab


You can schedule a task not oftener than once in an hour.

On the second tab, you need to provide a condition for a task.

Condition for task

Condition syntax and actions are exactly the same as in triggers, visit these links to learn more.

The list of actions contains three types of actions: send email, start workflow and set field. One of them will be executed if the condition is “true”.

Condition for task

To test any task, you can run it manualy on the “Scheduler” tab.

Run a task

On the logs tab you can find history on what tickets task were performed. As well, you can find this information in the ticket history if you check “Log task runs in the ticket history” option on the schedule tab.

Task's logs