Appearance settings

You can hide or display the SharePoint out of the box quick launch bar as well as customize HelpDesk navigation.


If you are using Plumsail HelpDesk with version older than 2.1.1, please follow this link to learn about forms customization for your version of HelpDesk.

Navigate to Settings tab using the left navbar:

Then click on the Appearance button. Now you can see the quick launch display setting and a list of HelpDesk navigation elements.

Navigation Sets

Top menu customization

HelpDesk top menu is a set of links  with different ticket views. You can customize them by adding a new button with a view or URL to external site. You can drag the existing links to change their order as well.

To add a new item to top navigation, click “New top menu item”.

New top menu item

You will see a dialog window where you need provide a title for a new item and select ticket view. If you choose a link instead of view, please provide an URL.

Creation of the new item

Don’t forget to save a new item. After adding this new element you can drag it to change the links’ order

Change the items order

If you have troubles with deleting the item, open your browser’s console and type localStorage.clear() there. Then renew the page.

How to change home page

You can change the default Home page in the Appearance settings. Specify the new URL in the field and click save button.

Change the home page url