Client secret renewal

Client secret description

HelpDesk is a provider-hosted SharePoint Add-in. Its remote components interact with SharePoint using OAuth. To use OAuth, the add-in must be registered with the Azure ACS cloud-based service and the SharePoint App Management Service of the tenancy or farm.

When add-in is being registered, the following information is specified:

  • A GUID for the add-in, called a client ID.

  • A password for the add-in, called a client secret.

HelpDesk Add-in only has acces to the site on which it is installed and no other resources. Add-in secrets expire, thats why we need to renew HelpDesk client secret. For details, see ContextToken OAuth flow for SharePoint Add-ins and Replace an expiring client secret in a SharePoint Add-in.

HelpDesk will show a warning when the client secret is going to be expired. The warning looks like this:

Client secret warning

Renewal steps

To renew the client secret follow the steps:

  1. Download the HelpDesk installation wizard.

  2. Run the wizard, enter the SharePoint domain name with HelpDesk and your SharePoint admin credentials.

Install Authentication

  1. On the next step, select Repair and the HelpDesk URL in the dropdown menu.

Install Authentication

  1. You’ll see this message if the client secret was renewed successfully.

Client secret renewal complete


Please contact us at in case of any issues with the client secret renewal process.