Client secret renewal

HelpDesk is a provider-hosted SharePoint Add-in. Its remote components interact with SharePoint using OAuth. To use OAuth, the add-in must be registered with the Azure ACS cloud-based service and the SharePoint App Management Service of the tenancy or farm.

When add-in is being registered, the following information is specified:

  • A GUID for the add-in, called a client ID.
  • A password for the add-in, called a client secret.

HelpDesk Add-in only has acces to the site on which it is installed and no other resources. Add-in secrets expire, thats why we need to renew HelpDesk client secret. For details, see ContextToken OAuth flow for SharePoint Add-ins and Replace an expiring client secret in a SharePoint Add-in.

Please, renew your client secret on Settings->About page to avoid interruption of HelpDesk services. Your login and password are securely transferred via HTTPS, we don't store your credentials.