Adding widget to external site

The first step is to configure your future widget. To do it, open HelpDesk site and navigate to e-mail settings using navbar.

E-mail settings

Then click “Widgets” tab.

Widget Tab

Here you can create a new widget configuration for your page by choosing 'New item' and edit any existing configurations by clicking 'Edit'. Note that editing of widget configuration is employing to every existing widget with this configuration.

Create a new item

Provide a title for a widget configuration and choose how many tickets will be displayed on the page. If you are creating a widget for external site, you can choose widget language and whether to allow user registration. Registered users have ability to review their tickets.

Widget settings

After saving, HTML code for external sites and configuration ID for SharePoint will be generated and you need to copy HTML code for external sites.


Open editing form of your HTML page and add copied code where you'd like to place a widget.