How to embed web form or SharePoint form into Microsoft Teams

If you’ve ever wanted to have custom forms in Microsoft Teams to collect responses, conduct surveys and communicate with the team more effectively, Plumsail Forms allows for easy integration.

Using SharePoint tab in MS Teams, you can get access to both Public Web Forms, by publishing them on a SharePoint page first and linking a tab to this page, and SharePoint Forms, by adding a List to a tab, and using Panel to display forms.

In this article, we’ll go into more details and how you can achieve the same results to add advanced custom forms to MS Teams.

Public Web Form

Easiest option to add a web form to MS Teams is to publish it to a page first.

Go to Site Pages of your Team Site, and create a New Page:

Add new page to Site Pages

If you have installed Modern SharePoint Forms, you must have Plumsail Forms web part available, add it to the page:

Add Plumsail Form web part to the page

Add ID of the Public Web Form to it and publish the page:

Add Form ID to the web part

Also, don’t forget to disable comments on the page, since you probably won’t need them (this is up to you, though).

Finally, go to MS Teams, click + sign to Add a tab and select SharePoint:

Add SharePoint tab to MS Teams

Next, in Pages, select the page that you’ve just created:

Add SharePoint page tab in MS Teams

And now you have a tab with a web form, that users can fill in at any time:

Public Web Form in MS Teams

SharePoint Form

If you want to have a SharePoint Form, it’s best to add as a SharePoint List.

First, make sure that you have a List that you want to customize on your Team Site or create one:

List for MS Teams

Customize New, Edit and Display Forms in the designer, and don’t forget to add a Form Panel to all of them:

Form Panel for SharePoint Forms

Then, go to MS Teams, click + sign to Add a tab and select SharePoint:

Add SharePoint tab to MS Teams

Next, in Lists, select the List that you’ve customized the forms for:

Add SharePoint List tab in MS Teams

Now you have a List View with custom forms in a panel, which you can configure exactly as you need:

SharePoint Form Panel in MS Teams