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How to display dotted-line reports in SharePoint Org Chart

In this article, I want to show you how to display dotted-line reports in Plumsail SharePoint Org Chart. It is quite a common scenario for companies with matrix organization structure when there are direct managers and dotted-line managers.

As Plumsail Org Chart displays hierarchy, but not matrix, it is important to understand how dotted-line reports appear in the visualization. Please take a look at the example below.

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How to display Lync presence in SharePoint Org Chart

We received many requests about displaying presence indicators in Org Chart and decided to prepare some snippet to help you with this.

I prepared snippet for tooltip template which allows to display presence inside tooltip. It looks like this for my account:



You can customize HTML templates for boxes, tooltips and search results. See the documentation for more information.

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Customize boxes of org chart in Office 365 and SharePoint 2013/2010

In this article I will show how to customize box template for organization chart. This works for all editions of SharePoint 2010/2013 including Foundation as well as for SharePoint Online in Office 365. Christmas and New Year are coming. That is why I decided to implement such interactive behavior for org chart. This is just a show case and you can use this approach to create your own box templates.

Click on the picture to see interactive behavior:

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Plumsail Org Chart for SharePoint 2013

Update: Since version 2.0. boxes drag and drop functionality and list items editing is not supported.

In this article I would like to present Plumsail Org Chart web part for SharePoint 2013. It will help you to maintain employees’ information up to date and easily get information on an employee, you are looking for. In addition to visualization, Plumail Org Chart has navigation optimized for large org structures. It can also be used to modify user profiles in a few clicks directly in the web part.

Before we dive in, here’s where we are in my Org Chart series:

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  2. How Org Chart communicates with SharePoint User Profile service
  3. Org Chart Skins with touch support
  4. Advanced navigation for SharePoint organizational chart

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