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Using notes in charts created with SharePoint Dashboard Designer

Here is a manual how to use notes in SharePoint charts (in this example we used a Line chart). Look at the screenshot. Each point has a note and a label, but they display different columns from a SharePoint list. It can be useful if a label is already used to display a value, but you need to display additional information related to specific points.

SharePoint line chart with notes

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What is SharePont Web Front End server (WFE)

A server which handles web page requests from users is called Web Front End (WFE). Thus, each time when user opens a SharePoint page in a browser, it is processed by WFE server. SharePoint farm may have multiple such servers. If there are multiple WFE servers, Network Load Balancer is distributing requests between them. It is the way to scale SharePoint.

Many Plumsail products are licensed per Web Front End server. You may need to calculate number of WFE servers in your SharePoint farm to purchase correct number of licenses.

SharePoint WFE server usually has “Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Web Application” service started. You can check it in SharePoint Central Administration: Central Administration > System Settings > Manage services on server. In the Services on server page, select server and check if the service is started. If it’s started, the selected server is acting as a web front-end server.


Thus, you can switch between your servers and find all Web Front End servers.

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How to customize and rotate labels and tooltips in SharePoint charts

Now we will meet with functionality of templates in Dashboard Designer. Labels and tooltips in our charts have a property entitled ‘template’ that allows you to customize their content.

Template is a string that can contain text mixed with variables of the current item. It can be item or group depending on whether or not your data is grouped.

Here is an example of the simplest template:

Customizing tooltips in a SharePoint chart

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Quick tip: How to create multiple help desks for different departments and configure them with different inboxes

Probably, most companies need different e-mails for each department, that’s why in this tip I will show you how to create multiple help desks and configure them with different inboxes in Plumsail HelpDesk.

Let’s say that you have several departments — R&D, HR, and Support. Each of them has unique practices, different e-mail boxes and you want to separate them one from another. Configuring is effortless, first of all, we need to create a subsite for each department and then install help desk there.  

Note that licensing of Plumsail HelpDesk allows you to install any amount of help desks within one web domain in Office 365 and one server on-premises. Due to it, we can create a separate mailbox for every department, give different permission levels to users and configure an e-mail notification according to needs of a department.

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How to copy DocumentSet to another library in SharePoint 2013/2016/Online

Hi everyone, today I’m going to show you how to implement a simple use case using SharePoint 2013 workflows, the key features of the case will be “Copy DocumentSet” feature. Plumsail Workflow Actions Pack has a huge amount (100+) of useful workflow actions for SharePoint Designer. Today we will closely look at the actions related to document management suite – Documents and folders processing.

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