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SharePoint workflow: Copy list item with attachments across site collections

In this short post, I want to describe Copy List Item workflow action.

We are trying to simplify common actions that our users will be happy to work with SharePoint.

So as an example of this philosophy, please have a look at the sample of usage: 


On the example, above you see the basic of usage the action, but you can open properties window of the action to see advanced options. To open the properties window please right click on the workflow action and select properties.


Please pay attention that the action allows you to copy the item cross-site as well, also it can copy attachments, for this, you need to turn on Copy Attachments option. Also, you can save the ID of created list item, the option can be useful if you want to send a link to the list item by email or maybe save it anywhere, for this you can use List Item ID variable. 



Thank you for your time, please feel free to comment the post.

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New version of Workflow Actions Pack for Office365

I’m happy to announce that new version of Workflow Actions Pack for Office365 is ready.

We have fixed a few bugs and added lot new actions, please find the list below:


Workflow Actions Pack it is a no-code solution that contains more than hundred workflow actions for SharePoint Designer.

Using it you can create complex workflows to automate your business processes.
The full list of workflow actions you can find in Documentation.





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Org Chart tip: How to navigate to box using URL parameters

In this quick tip I will describe how to navigate to specific box in your org chart using URL parameter. It may be useful if you want to place link to specific box to other page. For example, you can use it to open org chart starting from manager of specific department. Some of our customers use this approach to add link to employees search results. Thus, you can navigate to person in org chart directly from search results.

This works in Org Chart for SharePoint 2013 / 2016 and in Org Chart for Office 365.

In my case Org Chart web part is located here:

I want to be able to navigate to specific box using URL like this: 

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How to move list item attachments to DocumentSet via SharePoint Designer workflow

So, this should be a dev oriented article and I will not to waste your time to an introduction and start right now.

We will divide the workflow for tree stage:

  1. We need to create a folder in the document library
  2. We need to copy attachments from current list item to the created folder
  3. We need to change a content type of the folder to DocumentSet

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