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Using notes in charts created with SharePoint Dashboard Designer

Here is a manual how to use notes in SharePoint charts (in this example we used a Line chart). Look at the screenshot. Each point has a note and a label, but they display different columns from a SharePoint list. It can be useful if a label is already used to display a value, but you need to display additional information related to specific points.

SharePoint line chart with notes

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How to customize and rotate labels and tooltips in SharePoint charts

Now we will meet with functionality of templates in Dashboard Designer. Labels and tooltips in our charts have a property entitled ‘template’ that allows you to customize their content.

Template is a string that can contain text mixed with variables of the current item. It can be item or group depending on whether or not your data is grouped.

Here is an example of the simplest template:

Customizing tooltips in a SharePoint chart

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Adding more series to a SharePoint Chart with Dashboard Designer


Today we’d like to talk about our new feature introduced as part of our recent release of SharePoint Dashboard Designer 2.6.0. It is the ability to display a practically unlimited number of series on one graph. Such series may be based on entirely different list columns or may have, say, a common category but separate value fields.

Let’s take a look at an example.

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Using multiple lists in Dashboard Designer

Good day!

Today I’d like to introduce you to a way you can use Dashboard Designer with multiple lists that can be located within the current site or on various sites in the current site collection. To illustrate this feature I will use two similar use cases.

Let’s say, you have multiple projects running in your company, each project has a separate site, all located under one site collection. The root site of the site collection contains a list of Projects with their relative URLs. Each project has a task list that contains all tasks assigned to every employee for that project. What we’ll do is get the project list, iterate over the projects, get the data located in the task lists in each of the projects and do some graphical presentation with this data.

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Navigate over SharePoint data by using draggable charts

In this article I will demonstrate how to configure navigation over data by dragging a SharePoint chart created with Dashboard Designer using the mouse or swipe gestures. For instance, I’ve created a chart that displays number of completed tasks per day. If the project lasts for long, it can be difficult to display all the data at once. As the solution I will display data for last 6 days only and allow users to swipe the chart to view other time periods.

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