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Agent collision: how to detect it

It’s very common scenario for any system when two agents working on the same ticket without knowing about actions of each other. That’s annoying situation called collision. In Plumsail HelpDesk for SharePoint and Office 365, we have a solution how to avoid agent collision.

There are a lot of things which can happen to ticket since it has been created — someone added a comment or even it can be assigned to an agent. Autorefresh is taking care about this and allows you to keep up with ticket’s updates. 

When a ticket has been assigned to somebody, an agent gets a notification displayed at the top of the ticket. This helps prevent agents from trying to make updates to the same ticket at the same time and avoid the collision.2016-12-30_13-49-40

This feature is available for all plans for free. Stay productive!  

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Quick tip: How to edit ticket’s properties from mailbox

Can you imagine that you can work with Plumsail HelpDesk for Office 365 from your mailbox? It goes without saying that you can respond to tickets and all your replies will be transformed into comments. But as well as responding to tickets, you can update some ticket’s properties.

In this tip, I will show you how assignee can change ticket’s status, resolve it or update its priority straight from the mail.

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New flexible plans for HelpDesk

A new year is always a good opportunity for big changes. That’s why Plumsail HelpDesk is performing a new store with new flexible plans for Office 365. There are three options to fit every need: Jet boat, Yacht and Ocean Liner. Small and medium companies will be interested in more affordable plans, while enterprise customers will still be able to use HelpDesk without limits. We hope that everyone will find the best plan to build superb support.


It’s important to notice that all plans have the same features, the only difference is in a number of agents and comments. If you ran out of comments in this month, there is no need to worry as you can always buy additional 500 comments.

If you are already using HelpDesk, we deeply appreciate your loyalty, so absolutely nothing is changing for you. You will continue using HelpDesk without limits with the same pricing.
We’d be glad to answer any questions, drop us a line at

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