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New editor for tickets in Plumsail HelpDesk

We’d like to perform you a brand new editor in Plumsail HelpDesk for SharePoint 2013/2016 and Office 365. As we always improve user experience, we add some useful features. What’s new out there?


First of all, we add an ability to upload files with drag and drop. Instead of clicking on attach file and then slowly browsing for it, just put it straight into the message body. 

Secondly, adding pictures to the ticket became much more comfortable as now you can copy and paste it from the clipboard. Because sometimes a screenshot is worth a thousand words. 


Last but not least, we improved inserting of links. Just paste a URL, click the space bar and that’s all, URL is automatically became a hyperlink, ready to be clicked.


And one more nice thing, all editor tools are readily available, there is no more need for moving to a ribbon.


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