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Using multiple lists in Dashboard Designer

Good day!

Today I’d like to introduce you to a way you can use Dashboard Designer with multiple lists that can be located within the current site or on various sites in the current site collection. To illustrate this feature I will use two similar use cases.

Let’s say, you have multiple projects running in your company, each project has a separate site, all located under one site collection. The root site of the site collection contains a list of Projects with their relative URLs. Each project has a task list that contains all tasks assigned to every employee for that project. What we’ll do is get the project list, iterate over the projects, get the data located in the task lists in each of the projects and do some graphical presentation with this data.

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Org Chart tip: How to hide assistant from subordinates

Update: Org Chart does everything automatically for you since version 2.2.28. It checks if there is already assistant box in the structure and hides subordinate box.

We have separate fields to store information about manager and assistant in user profiles or SharePoint list data sources. So, it is possible that assistant of specific employee has the same employee as a manager. This brings us to duplicated boxes in the org chart. As you see below, Derek Clark is an assistant of David Navarro and at the same time David Navarro is a manager for Derek Clark.


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