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How to send periodic expiration email notifications in Office 365 and SharePoint 2013 Workflows


In this article, I want to cover very common scenario of any business system it is alert notification or reporting subsystem. Usually that functional is responsible to notify end users about new events, overdue tasks and sending summary reports via e-mail. I want to review a couple of simple cases. Which I hope, you can manually customize and implement in your environment. All cases I created are use SharePoint Online with installed Plumsail Workflow Actions Pack, but you can implement it in OnPremise environment as well.

Personal Item/Task/Document expiration reminders

The first case which I want to describe has quite simple simple goal: a user wants to track status of sent Item/Task/Document. It could be application form for business trip, day off request, assigned task or something else. It depends on your business process, but core idea is the same. You have an item with specific due date and a person responsible for this item. You need to send notification message to the user when due date will come and of course you can customize the message template. Using SharePoint Designer you can create a site level workflow which will select all list items by specific query and process each item. As an example, it could generate email by template and send it.

Out of the box workflow actions don’t allow to query list items by CAML or generate email messages by templates. That is why I used some workflow actions from Workflow Actions Pack to extend out of the box functionality.

Below I showed the configured workflow:

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How to Start SharePoint 2013 Workflows on Selected Items

This blog post appeared as an email response to one of our clients, he described very common use case where you have two libraries of documents, the first library where the users works with draft documents and the other library which is stored the final versions of documents. In this case, users want to be able to select finished documents and move it in one click.
Oblivious solution for this is to use a workflow that will move documents to the final document library. But there is one question how we can start the workflow on selected list items? When I was thinking about the answer to that question – I realized that is not as trivial as it seems, because list level workflow can be started only on singl document. How to start multiple workflows on selected documents? In the article, I will describe how you can implement such solution.

I divided this article into three main parts:

  • Get selected items via JavaScript;
  • Start SharePoint 2013 workflow from JavaScript;
  • Add custom button to the list ribbon

Before we start, I want to show what we will get in result. On the figure below you can see the custom button on the ribbon, which will launch a workflows on selected documents.

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