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Deploy custom SharePoint 2013 workflows with site template

It is common scenario when you did some customizations, saved site as template and want to reuse it in SharePoint 2013. Such site templates can include workflows with custom workflow actions. Unfortunately if you save site with custom workflow actions as template and then try to create new site you can receive such annoying error:

Microsoft.Workflow.Client.ActivityNotFoundException:The activity named 'WorkflowXaml_988fe3c3_dc3e_47a9_8ff3_c912c82eb56d'from scope '/spo/216722f1-1dc0-4c6d-aafd-86b12ef60a14/1f87e1ae-da77-44d4-92d1-502507b5f2d4/34ceaf02-5217-46be-a307-e09dd93da230' was not found. HTTP headers received from the server -ActivityId:224e672a-4e00-44ed-8b55-894a059608c2.NodeId:.Scope:.ClientActivityId: f6cadd9c-c011-1000-aa42-85eedd28fc19.--->System.Net.WebException:The remote server returned an error

The reason of such behavior is related to incorrect processing of template by SharePoint 2013. I described it in detail in other my blog article. But this article is not about reasons of such behavior. We created small utility program TemplatePackageFix which fixes site templates with custom workflow actions and allows to reuse them as many times as you need.

We decided to implement such utility because some of our customers had questions about correct site template provisioning. Especially when custom site template included workflow actions from our product Workflow Actions PackRead more…

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Researching Site Template Structure with SPD workflows


Usually SharePoint development process looks as follows. You create a new site which is based on one of the standard SharePoint templates (Team Site, Blog, Project Site, etc.) after that, you work hard and customize it very deep (add new lists, views, workflows, customize UI) and finally you will get complete business solution.

But there is another question: “How to deliver your solution to a client?”. One of the answers to this question is to use site templates. You can save customized site to WSP package and deploy the package to the customer’s environment.

The issue with deployment of template with custom workflow actions

Looks very interesting and useful, but in SharePoint’s world the Devil is in the detail. For example if you’re using custom workflow actions in your workflows you will get an error during deployment process:

Microsoft.Workflow.Client.ActivityNotFoundException: The activity named 'WorkflowXaml_988fe3c3_dc3e_47a9_8ff3_c912c82eb56d' from scope '/spo/216722f1-1dc0-4c6d-aafd-86b12ef60a14/1f87e1ae-da77-44d4-92d1-502507b5f2d4/34ceaf02-5217-46be-a307-e09dd93da230' was not found. HTTP headers received from the server - ActivityId: 224e672a-4e00-44ed-8b55-894a059608c2. NodeId: . Scope: . Client ActivityId : f6cadd9c-c011-1000-aa42-85eedd28fc19. ---> System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error

Read more…

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