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Dynamic text and HTML templates using workflows for SharePoint 2013 or Office 365

In this article I will show how to use SharePoint workflow to render flexible dynamic text templates. To demonstrate this functionality I will describe how to configure workflow to generate and send email messages based on a template stored in SharePoint list, but this approach can be used to render any text templates including HTML or plain text. This works for SharePoint Online in Office 365 as well as for SharePoint 2013 on-premises.

As a proof of concept I will generate email messages for contract approval notification. Approval process will be started on the document set of contract, collect information about it and documents inside document set. Then render text template based on collected data and send it to approver. The message will contain header with general information about the contract and list of documents included in the document set (contract). I used document sets because contract can contain multiple agreements and schedules. Document sets allow to store metadata about contract as well as include multiple documents.

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