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Create site by custom template and grant permissions using SharePoint 2013 or Office 365 workflow

In this article I will show how to use SharePoint 2013 workflow to create new site by custom template and then grant permissions to this site for specific users. As an example I configured workflow for SharePoint list to automatically create new sites.

In this example I want to show simple case of project management system. When an administrator can create a new list item for a project in SharePoint list, specify project participants and URL for a new project workspace. Once it is done, the workflow has to create the project workspace (SharePoint site). It will automatically break permissions inheritance for the new site and include the site to the top navigation. Then create separate SharePoint group for each role in the project. To simplify this use case I have contributors role only, but you can add more roles and create additional groups using the workflow. For example you can create project management group or analysts group. Then you can use these groups to grant permissions to sensitive information in the project.

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Analyze and start using API of SharePoint App Store to collect data about apps.

SharePoint App Store already exists for two years, but there are not so much apps published yet and quality of existing apps is questionable. Nonetheless App store and Office 365 platform are evolving and new apps appear every month. This article is the first in the cycle of articles about analyzing SharePoint App store using API. During this cycle I will show how to access data about popularity of each app in the store.

There are not open documentation for SharePoint App Store API and in this article I will show how to research SharePoint App Store API and how to start using it.

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How to use JavaScript and CSS for conditional formatting in SharePoint org chart

Update: Since version 2.0 we moved JavaScript framework functions from jQuery ($) object to renderer object. Now you can call functions like this: renderer.onBoxRendered. You still can use standard jQuery ($) functions.

In this article I will show how to conditionally format org chart boxes and search results according to field values from data source, for example User Profile Service or SharePoint list. SharePoint Org Chart 1.7.1 and higher allows to add dynamics to boxes using JavaScript. Usually we need to highlight boxes according to some quite simple rule, but sometimes we need to implement more difficult logic. In this article I will show how to simply highlight boxes with specific color as well as show more complex case with displaying awards and search result highlighting. As result I want to change background of boxes and search results according to field values from data source and add gold, silver or bronze medals to boxes of the best employees.

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