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  • matt howell
    How do I determine the “root id” to use in config?
    • Root ID is an ID of root node. If you want to display employees hierarchy it could be account name of CEO or of manager of Department.The last version of Org Chart (later than 2.0) tries to calculate root id automatically. If you use user profiles as a data source it takes current employee and traverses up to find root employee without any manager. If you use SharePoint list as a data source it takes first found employee without manager. So, you can specify root id manually or leave it empty.
  • I got a Message that the root ID can not be empty, using Office 365. Would like to use this wit information from individuals My Site.
    • Hi,Currently this field is required for Office 365 version. As I understood you need to drill down to current user by default. Unfortunately there are not such events in Office 365 version yet, which you can use to detect that Org Chart is loaded. But if you are able to do it by yourself (some kind of JavaScript waiting for loading). Then you can use such JavaScript to drill down to current user:Plumsail.Apps.Common.getContext(function (appWebContext) { web = appWebContext.get_web(); user = web.get_currentUser() appWebContext.load(web); appWebContext.load(user); appWebContext.executeQueryAsync(function(){ var login = user.get_loginName(); Plumsail.OrgChart._renderer.drillDown(login); }); });You can put in on ‘Custom JavaScript’ step of the configuration wizard. But as I said, currently there are not events to detect if Org Chart is already loaded. So, you need to detect somehow that it is loaded and then call the script. It can be loop continually checking state of Org Chart.We plan to add such events in future. We already added it for on-premises versions.