Install HelpDesk to site-level app catalog

SharePoint allows installation of SPFx solutions to a site-level app catalog. Please check out the Microsoft documentation about creating the site-level app catalog.

Plumsail HelpDesk supports this scenario: when you select an existing site to install the HelpDesk, the installation wizard detects if there is a site-level app catalog on this site.

Installation To Existing Site

If yes, the installation wizard checks if there is already a HelpDesk SPFx package in the global app catalog. If no, you can select an option to install HelpDesk to the site-level app catalog.

Installation To Existing Site


HelpDesk doesn’t support a scenario when an SPFx package is installed globally and to the site-level app catalog at the same time. You need to choose one option: either install all HelpDesk instances site-level or install all instances global-level. Mixing of site-level and global installations on the same tenant could lead to incorrect work of the HelpDesk user interface.