Assign ticket to multiple agents

SharePoint group is a pool of SharePoint users with the same permission level. If you’d like to assign a ticket to Group, you need to create one. For that, navigate to site settings.

Site settings

And then to site permissions.

Site permissions

Under site permissions you can find predefined groups with different permission levels, they were automatically assigned to the site when it was created. You need to create a new group, so right click on ‘Create Group’.

Create a group

You can organize users into any number of groups.

You can choose any permission level depending on what level of access you need.

Group permission level

To add new users to your group select ‘Add users’ in the dropdown menu.

Add new users

In Share dialog enter names or e-mail addresses of users that you want to add to group. You can even add external users to SharePoint Online groups if they have Microsoft Live ID. If you’d like to add personal touch, provide some text that will accompany the invitation.

Share pop up window

Now you can assign tickets to group.

Example of assignment