Appearance settings

You can hide or display the SharePoint out of the box quick launch bar as well as customize HelpDesk navigation.


Modifying the top navigation is not supported in HelpDesk On-Premises.

Navigate to settings using the icon in the navbar:

Settings Navigation Icon

Then click on the “Appearance” tab. Now you can see the quick launch display setting and a list of HelpDesk navigation elements.

Navigation Sets

Quick launch

By default, quick launch bar is hidden, but you can unhide it with this setting. If this setting is on then the bar is displayed on every page:

Left Side Bar

Right navigation

HelpDesk navigation is a set of icons on the right-hand side of HelpDesk. You can customize them by changing the navigation list items:

  • Add new item to create a new navigation element

  • Change existing items to modify their properties

To modify an existing button click the respective navigation list entry. If you want to create a new button, click “New link”. You will see a dialog with an ability to set link properties.

Navigation Edit