OneDrive Excel file as an external source in Plumsail Forms

An Excel file uploaded to OneDrive can be used as a source to populate Drop Down, Single Choice (radio buttons), and Multiple Choice (checkboxes) fields.

The Excel file can have a Table in it, this Table will be used to access data in the file:

Excel file with a table inside


If you don’t have a Table in Excel file, you can still select columns such as A, B, C from the file.

In the web editor, select the Excel file as Data Source Type for the field you want to populate:

Excel data source

If you select Excel as your Data Source Type, you’ll need to login to your OneDrive account (either Personal OneDrive or OneDrive for Business), and then you’ll be able to select the correct file, sheet and table, as well as what value from the table will be visible on the form, and what value will be visible on submission (can be set the same or different):

Data Source configuration

This will then update the field on the form when the form loads with the values from the table:

Form with an updated Drop Down field