First step - Register a Plumsail Account

Plumsail Forms product uses our service called Plumsail Account. Using Plumsail Account you can manage your licenses - for both Modern SharePoint and Public Web Forms, and it also stores all your Public Web Forms. All Public Web Forms created by you are tied to your Plumsail Account.


You can register by filling out this small form here.

Sign in

You can log in by going to the following page and entering your login and password. Make sure you've registered first.

Download designer and start designing forms

You can download the designer application from your Plumsail Account in Forms section on the Intro tab:

Download the designer app

Download and install the app, the process is very simple. Press Run and follow the instructions:

Run the installer

After that, you can start designing your own custom forms. Find more about how to design Public Web Forms with the designer in this article.