General Information

Plumsail Forms consists of two products which require two separate licenses. Depending on your needs, you can purchase just one or both at the same time.

Plumsail Forms License

Plumsail Forms License is necessary if you want to use Plumsail Forms and subscribe to our custom Microsoft Flow connector.

Plumsail Forms can be included on any webpage and with this license, you will be able to process data submitted through the form and use it in your own Flows.

This license is also needed if you want to submit data from Modern SharePoint Forms to Flow using Plumsail connector instead of default Microsoft triggers. This will allow you to include additional fields on your SharePoint Forms which then can be handled with Flow.

Plumsail Forms License is an annual subscription license, but it includes 30 days Trial period.

Forms for SharePoint Online License

Forms for SharePoint Online License is needed to use Modern SharePoint Forms which are responsive and are built to work with Modern SharePoint pages.

This license is different from our Forms Designer product license which is built to work with SharePoint classic pages.

While offering similar functionality, the products are quite different in how they are built and function.

With this license, you will be able to replace standard SharePoint List and Document Library Forms with custom made ones in our simple to use, but very powerful Modern Forms Designer.

You do not need an additional license if you do not plan on using our custom connector to submit data to Microsoft Flow.

Forms for SharePoint Online License is a perpetual license per Office 365 tenant and it also includes 30 days Trial period.