How to print Org Chart for SharePoint and Microsoft Teams

When it’s is necessary to use the charts in presentations or to print the charts on paper, you can export (print) a current view of Org Chart to a PDF or PNG file.

Open a page where you placed an Org Chart web part. In the up-right corner, there is a settings wheel icon—click it and choose a “Print” option.

Settings menu

Then you can choose a file format to which you want to export the chart.

Selecting of file format

Printing to PDF provides some options: you can specify page size and orientation.

PDF options

Besides standard paper formats, you can select an “Auto” option that will fit the page size to the current Org Chart view.

Paper size options

Org Chart export to a PNG file has no available options. The chart will be saved as a PNG image with a transparent background.

PNG options

Known Issues

If you open an exported PDF file with Acrobat Reader and try to “Save As,” most likely you will encounter the following error:

Acrobat Reader error

To solve this issue, open an “Edit” menu of Acrobat Reader and choose “Preferences.” There, go to a “Documents” category and uncheck “Save As optimizes for Fast Web View” option.

Acrobat Reader preferences