Installation for Office 365

Download the add-in from our website.

Org Chart is a SharePoint Framework add-in that allows you to visualize organization structure on both classic and modern SharePoint pages. Unfortunately, SharePoint Store doesn’t support the installation of SharePoint Framework add-ins. That is why you need to install add-in manually.

You have to be a SharePoint administrator to complete the installation. If you don’t see some menus from the instruction below, most likely you are not a SharePoint administrator. Please contact your administrator to assist with the installation.

Open Office 365 admin center:

Open Admin Center

Navigate to SharePoint Admin Center:


Go to ‘Apps’ classic feature:

Open App Catalog

Open ‘App catalog’:

Open App Catalog

If you don’t have ‘App Catalog’ yet, you will be able to create a new one:

Create App Catalog

Just fill in ‘Title’, ‘Web Site Address’, ‘Administrator’ and ‘Storage Quota’ and click ‘OK’. For example:

  • Title – App Catalog Site
  • Web Site address – AppCatalog
  • Administrator – Fill in your account name
  • Storage Quota – 10 GB
Create App Catalog Site Collection

Navigate to ‘Apps for SharePoint’ and upload Add-in package that you downloaded at the beginning of this instruction (you need to upload to the App Catalog the whole .sppkg file without unpacking it):

Upload App To Catalog

You need to select “Make this solution available to all sites in the organization” in the dialog. Once you did this you can add a web part to a page.

If you don’t want to make this app availalbe on all sites, you will need to add app to each site manually.

Adding web part to a page

Navigate to the page where you want to add an org chart.

Note: If you use “Classic” SharePoint pages follow this instruction to add web part to a page.

Pick ‘Plumsail Org Chart’ web part from the menu to add it to your page:

Add Modern Org Chart WebPart

Once you added the web part you can configure it.