Org Chart allows changing strings in the user interface since version 2.2.30. You can use this functionality to translate user interface to your language.

This is the structure of the localization object. Read through the comments in the object to understand the purpose of each property.

    SearchInputWatermark: "", //This message appears inside search box
    RightControlZone: {       //Buttons section located at the right top corner
        OriginalZoom: "",     //Hint text for original zoom button
        FullScreenMode: "",   //Hint text for full screen button
        Settings: ""          //Hint text for settings button (gears icon)
    Settings: {               //Settings menu which is opened when you click on gears icon
        Settings: "",         //Configuration wizard menu item text
        PrintOrgChart: {      //Strings related to printing
            Title: "",        //Text for print menu item
            PrintConfirmMessage: "",               //Text for print confirmation message box
            DownloadModalWindowTitle: "",          //Title text for print result download window
            LinkToDownloadOrgChartAsPicture: ""    //Title for for print result download link
        ManageVacancies: "",                //Manage vacancies menu item text
        ClearCache: {                       //Strings related to cache clearing
            Title: "",                      //Text for clear cach menu item
            ClearCacheConfirmMessage: ""    //Text for clear cache confirmation message box
        Help: ""                            //Help menu item text
    DrillDownToolbar: {       //Toolbar which appears on hove over org chart boxes
        GoToParent : "",      //Hint text for go to parent button
        GoToRoot: "",         //Hint text for go to root button
        DrillHere: "",        //Hint text for drill here button

The picture below will help you to understand the structure of the localization strings:
localization strings

You need to open the configuration wizard and navigate to the Custom JavaScript step. Then you can override strings like this:

Plumsail.OrgChart.LocalizationStrings.SearchInputWatermark = "Suche";
Plumsail.OrgChart.LocalizationStrings.Settings.PrintOrgChart.Title = "Drucken"
Plumsail.OrgChart.LocalizationStrings.Settings.ManageVacancies = "Stellenangebote"
Plumsail.OrgChart.LocalizationStrings.Settings.ClearCache = "Cache leeren"
Plumsail.OrgChart.LocalizationStrings.Settings.Help = "Über"

Change Localization Strings

Note: you may need to refresh the page to apply changes. 

Note: If the version of your Org chart is earlier than 2.3.14 you should use this instruction.