Customize ticket and contact forms

What you can customize by Plumsail Forms


Plumsail Forms is included into the “Yacht” and “Ocean liner” plans. You have to purchase it separately for the “Jet boat” plan.

  • You can customize only forms in the Tickets, Contacts, and Organizations lists by default.

  • If you want to customize other lists you need to buy Plumsail Forms subscription.

  • You will see trial message in Plumsail Forms UI. It is because you don’t have full subscription. You are still able to customize HelpDesk forms.

  • Do not delete default JavaScript code - just extend it in the case of need. Otherwise, you will encounter a notification in HelpDesk forms that Forms trial has expired.

  • If you are using Plumsail HelpDesk 2.1.1 and earlier, please use this documentation instead.

Using Plumsail Forms


We recommend trying the tickets forms customization on a test HelpDesk instance. If all works fine, apply the changes to production. Anyway, if you accidentally broke a HelpDesk form, you can always restore it.

In order to customize ticket and contact forms you need to install Plumsail Forms for SharePoint online. It is available for free for HelpDesk customizations. Pluimsail Forms allows you to design SharePoint forms with tabs, complex tables, and accordions among other UI elements.

To start using Plumsail Forms, please download a desktop app and run the installation file on your computer. To connect to HelpDesk, run the app, choose SharePoint and specify your HelpDesk site URL. You’ll be prompted for your login details. Once it connects to HelpDesk, please choose a list you want to work with:

Plumsail Forms Sign in

You can find more information on how to use Plumsail Forms in the documentation.

Create custom forms

In order to customize a form with Plumsail Forms connect to the list the form is based on. This will open the form editor where you can customize your form in a simple drag-and-drop fashion:

Plumsail Forms Interface

Restore previous version of HelpDesk forms

You can easily rollback any changes applied to the HelpDesk forms: restore a previous version or return to the default forms.

You can find detailed instructions on how to do this in this article.