Creating custom connector

First step in configuring Microsoft Flow is to create custom connector to handle Plumsail Forms.

You can do it through Office365 or by going to |Flow| homepage.

When you open Office365, go to Microsoft Flow page:


When the page opens, click the cog in the upper right corner and select Custom Connectors from dropdown menu:

Custom Connectors

Now, you'll need to click + Create custom connector and select Import an OpenAPI from URL in the dropdown menu:

Create custom connector

Give this custom connector name Plumsail Forms and copy this URL for the OpenAPI

It should look like this:

Input Name and URL

Next you can customize the look of the connector with the icon and background.

You can download our icon here and we recommend to use it with white background #ffffff

Nothing else need to be changed on this page:

Adjust Icon

Next page you need to fill in several things.

Client ID: 3d8caf5f-2f67-4b4a-9a81-2ee61709220f

Client Secret: yMAbxuJGw2497Q3D9aXQKNjH5UghBSyH

And finally Refresh URL:

Everything else leave as it is:


Finally, click Create Connector on the next page:

Last click