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How to automatically create Office 365 user accounts using SharePoint workflow

In this article I will show how to automate creation of Office 365 user accounts and granting permissions using SharePoint 2013 workflow. Creation of accounts and granting permissions for new employees is a part of daily tasks for many IT specialists. I would like to suggest approach how to automate this and maybe how to delegate part of work to HR specialists using SharePoint workflow.

In this article I will show how to use SharePoint list to manage user accounts automatically. As an example I will create new SharePoint list ‘Employees’. I will use this list as an employees directory. Then I will create two SharePoint 2013 workflows to create and to update user on list item creation and list item update. The workflow on creation will also add new user to SharePoint or Azure AD group according to the department of the employee. Finally the workflow will send a temporary password and account details to initiator of the workflow and to the new employee if alternate e-mail address is specified.

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How to move documents using workflow in SharePoint 2013 and Office 365

In this article I will show how to move documents using SharePoint 2013 workflows. This approach works well for SharePoint 2013 on premise deployment as well as for SharePoint Online in Office 365. I will implement archival workflow as a proof of concept, which moves documents from one document library to another, but you can modify it a little and use to copy documents or folders cross-site.

As you probably know, you can store many documents in the SharePoint document libraries. For SharePoint 2013 it is 30 000 000 per library. However, there is another limit which spoils all the fun, it is list view threshold 5 000 documents or list items. There are also another limit, like security scope limit, which doesn’t allow to have more than 50 000 security scopes. Roughly speaking it is amount of documents or folders with unique permissions. You can find full list of list and library limits on

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