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Plumsail Org Chart for SharePoint 2013

Update: Since version 2.0. boxes drag and drop functionality and list items editing is not supported.

In this article I would like to present Plumsail Org Chart web part for SharePoint 2013. It will help you to maintain employees’ information up to date and easily get information on an employee, you are looking for. In addition to visualization, Plumail Org Chart has navigation optimized for large org structures. It can also be used to modify user profiles in a few clicks directly in the web part.

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I will start demonstration from adding Org Chart web part to page, and the result looks like the picture below. Org Chart receives employees’ information I stored in Active Directory and synced with SharePoint User Profile service. This is a standard functionality of SharePoint 2013 StandardEnterprise.


Manage employee information

[Update May 12 2015] Editing of employee information is supported in version 1.0 only. Org Chart 2.0 no longer support this functionality. If you need to return this functionality back you can submit your request in our forum.

Org Chart web part control panel is presented on the picture below.  We aim to simplify navigation and data management, so there are only four buttons.


Unfortunately employees’ data in User Profile Service and Active Directory is not always well structured and actualized. When an employee changes department or job title, information about such changes could be simply lost or replicated with mistakes by an IT specialist, who supports Active Directory and is not familiar with HR matters. As a tool to manage information on employees, Plumsail Org Chart can be used by Human Resources specialist. With such approach information owner will manage changes of employees’ information using Plumsail Org Chart user-friendly interface. IT specialists can grant permissions to manage user profiles to HR specialists or use this tool to simplify their own work.

Now I will demonstrate how to transfer employees and edit their information with Org Chart. I clicked “Turn on edit mode” button in the control panel, then I transferred Martin Harris to Jessica Adams just by dragging and dropping employee’s box.



To edit employee’s information I clicked on the full name of Brenda Coel, information panel appeared. Then I clicked Edit link.


Once Edit link is clicked, edit dialog opens. I changed a few properties and clicked Update to save changes.

Easily navigate through large org structure

We know from our experience that organization structures can be quite large. It could be difficult to navigate and manage such org charts. To simplify navigation we implemented a few features.

Mouse wheel zoom. Use mouse wheel to zoom in and zoom out. With this feature you can see more employees on the screen.

Navigation with dragging. Just press the mouse button and drag to move along the org chart.


Full screen mode. It is important to have enough space to explore organization structure, especially for large organization structures. You can place Org Chart web part to a small region of page and use “Open full screen” button to get more space for navigation.

Drill down functionality. With this functionality you can see only the information you need. If you hover the mouse over an employee box, you will see a small drill down icon.


Click on this icon and you will drill down to smaller org chart sub-tree.You can go back, go to the root node or drill down deeper.



Future releases

We work hard on our products enhancements. In the nearest future we will introduce a number of new attractive features:

  • Multiple beautiful org chart skins
  • Personal KPI indicators and awards inside employee box.
  • SharePoint list as a secondary data source.

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